Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I learned on -- Street.

I will have retrib ution for my humiliation at the hands of the Ludwig imposter! As fate would have it the Master has taken it upon himself to study the many Ludwig. It would seem the information as to how their are so many of them evades even him! A Service team of approximately seventeen, including myself, are going to proivde our assistance to the Master and take up arms against the strange men in his stead when the Master has more important matters to tend to. I have several theories as to why exactly there was more than one young Ludwig Smith, though my cohorts think they're all ridiculous and shot them down as fast as possible without even considering them. You would never hurt me like that would you? No of course not.


So you'd like to know what happened? Well I should have time to explained. being reduced to simple garden work by my superiors at the proxies that joined the Master to keep their family lives. Which is extremely difficult with a single arm. Karma I guess, mocking Will for losing the arm he didn't need to draw or whatever he did, and me losing my writing arm. Luckily I can type with this one. Then again Will didn't REALLY lose his arm. Maybe I still have mind and this is all an elaborate dream? What was that? Probably not? I hear you.

It started when I told Galahad, a fairly green proxy and as I would later find completely and totally useless in a fight, who I was. I explained everything about myself, that I normally feel comfortable explaining. Dammit, I see a typo but I don't want to backspace. My arm is so damn tired already, and this is a fairly short post. Anyway back on point, I explained every single factor of Master's forces. I made sure to drill it into his head that if you're a fucking idiot, or disobidient, that you will end up punished. You could end up punished for doing nothing at all. Like. My.Self. Then again this was more of what he did than what I did. I only took his punishment for him. And dammit do I regret that decision. Is it possible for Master to reattach limbs? I'm frightened to ask that it would only end with me missing more useful body parts. I don't think I'd ever have children, no I'm sure I won't, but I want the possibility.

Proxies have had targets retaliate before. Done some back and forth, tried to get the job done, failed sometimes. But always wearing said target down each time, always getting something done. This was not the case at this time. This was complete and utter defeat. The Master sent other Proxies out to deal with Ludwig Smith, one of them was someone I rather liked who is no longer with us. Getting to the point, the Proxies that were sent after Ludwig Smith eventually met up with Galahad and I in Massachusetts. As expected we knew exactly where to look. He'd been marked after all. Galahad, Myself, and about fourteen other proxies arrived at what looked like a large rundown mansion. Now I have serious doubts about the saying size matters, because the outside of the building was vomit inducing.

When walking in you could hear the living rats and smell their kin's corpse. It was kind of nice inside though. While yes, I wouldn't call it a mansion due to the fact no sane rich person would be caught dead in this wreck. I was eager to fight though. Ludwig was famous for his works to fend off the Master. Unfortunately he was a fighter meaning he was generally insane. He's dead now though so it doesn't matter. Now getting back to the point of the post. Complete and utter defeat. No questions asked. We split up. I went upstairs with Galahad and a proxy called Tumbleweed while the other thirteen or so proxies checked different areas. The bedrooms were indescribable Let's see. The bed sheets were absolutely filthy, the wallpaper had spots in it, and in more than one room the roof was damaged. That's when we saw him. A young Ludwig Smith. It took me a while to recognize him, I'd only seen the man's photograph from a time when he was aging. No that was a physically young(despite the gray hair, don't ask me.) Ludwig Smith. I had been daydreaming with the aid of a window, looking out at parked trucks while the others tore apart the bedroom. It's when I heard Galahad call my name along with Tumbleweed's. You know what I just noticed. Galahad and I were the only one's not assigned to this mission. I'm getting away from the point now...

So where was I? Oh yes! Ludwig Smith standing in front of the door glaring at us like we'd gutted his entirely family and forced him to watch. Y'know like in generic movies? I believe glares like that are commonly associated with Thurman's Roaring Rampage of Revenge. ANYWAY. That's when we noticed the yells and grunts coming from downstairs. Don't ask why we can hear downstairs, because it's just going to get me nitpicking on the house again. Wait. Okay I'm going to save this now. Cut off June 2nd.

Greetings. I will be hosting this blog from now on. I'm Tumbleweed. I don't really like to talk about myself very much, but I guess my most defining trait would be illusion. I'm a  performer. The above was a sample of my work, given from what I assumed was Nil's perspective. I think I have his personality half way down. What did you think? Did I sale?

Oh did you expect Nil to continue the run down about where he's been. I've noticed that he's just handing out information about The Service like nobodies business. There really is. No better term. Than, What the fuck? Excuse my language. But I guess it'd be pretty messed up if I just left you dangling by a thread. But were you generally even interested? No? I didn't think so. But while I was pretending to be Nil I made a purpose to drag things out like he usually does. Basically what happened is that the person who was pretending to be Richer Rock made a post in red on Nil's blog taunting one of his friends. Nil didn't know who this was. And assumed it was Redlight or the Fakelight, neither one of these was the case. It was the Ludwig fake. According to Nil he'd been troubled by the peculiar post for a very long time, saying as time went on he began to feel like he was being watched by a hostile force. 

What does this have to do with the false Ludwig? Well. As we charged toward the exit screaming for our lives and doing what little we can to fend off the phony we were stopped by MORE young looking Ludwig. I remember thinking at one point that we were in a house of mirrors, but no. They were all physically identical and solid. They were also, for lack of a better term, curbstomping us to tears. The Master's Service is never one to be taken lightly, I am confused as to how this can be. My "peers" were being stabbed, ripped into, beaten with brass knuckles, by an opposing force we thought we were prepared for. Nil(who never lost an arm, and is probably neglecting to post due to his hurt pride...and my changing the password.) Galahad(who Nil really did take a reassigning for.) and two other proxies who you probably aren't familiar with escaped the house alive, the two other proxies, who's birth names were Jonah and Russel, were shot in the head. I was surprised I actually got to the truck I arrived in alive. After this ordeal I began to contemplate why this might be, just sitting in an empty room waiting for the inevitable reassignment thinking to myself, ''Why are you alive Tumbleweed? Why are you still here?"

And that's when I figured it out. I'm special. I'm better than Nil and the other generic proxies. They don't deserve to Blog. So when Nil decided to put off coming back to blogger and explaining what happened I did what I do naturally. I performed. I changed his password to both his email address and his Blogger. And now I will continue to update this blog. I'm a much more fitting host aren't I? Yes! You agree! While I may not have done it in such detail I DID explain what happened, and if you'd like more details well then I'm not afraid to deliver. So without further delay. . . Welcome to Tumbleweed's Wonderful Masquerade!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I thought New Kids Were Supposed to Kick Ass

I really don't have the energy to type with one hand right now. And there's no way I'm letting an incompetent like Galahad do it for me while I dictate. I'll tell you what, how about I make one of those big tasty post that explain were I've been for you after I'm feeling better, that sound like a plan? It does? Oh your just so cute I want to pinch your liwwtle cheeeeeeks! Aren't you just the most adorable Blog reader? Yes you are. Yes you are!

Edit: Hello. I'm Galahad. Sincerest apologies, Nil is feeling a bit bitter right now what with the Master tearing off his right arm. I feel guilty, Nil would still have his arm if he hadn't taken on my punishment. I supposre you're wondering where we've been and what happened? Well we went searching for Ludwig Smith in Massachusetts. Did we find him? Well no not exactly, but we did find someone who Nil did not previously think of as a serious threat. In fact, after going through his post not a single person thought of him as a serious threat. And they should not. This man is nothing but a cowardly trickster seeking attention, and I'm ashamed of myself for letting him escape my wrath. I would explain just a tad bit more but Nil is slightly furious right now, and I'm only adding insult to injury by continuing this post.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Ludwig Smith. He's a dangerous one. He's what you might call a "professional" Runner. He's managed to evade the Master for five years and counting. Surprisingly Mr. Smith has never openly attacked He That Is, he seems content to just run and hide. Every one of us that's ever been sent to him has never returned. Seems like he'd be intimidating right? Wrong, I'm not afraid of some balding old man who's managed to flee continuously like a coward. The repeated mental attacks given to him by the Master have apparently driven him quite man, yet he's content to keep running away? Honestly I just don't get it, Ludwig Smith was made several deals to become indoctrinated and turned them down multiple times, much to the obvious dismay of the Master. The thing that gets me is that the Master HAS killed him before. Yes all the aforementioned facts are the details of a dead man.

 But now it seems that he's popped back up over in Massachusetts. How? That's impossible. Eternal sleep means eternal after-all. His mark. He was branded with a mark before death, meaning he shouldn't be able to travel far.

I'm going to look into this with the new guy, Galahad. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Old School

So, I've received an email beckoning me back to Maine. Like hell. I'm not going home with Zero and Glass Man hanging around there. Some Runner must have it out for me. I wonder who it is? Honestly going home seems a little too dangerous right now, with so much hostility, there's Hesperus killing proxies. There's Zero Killing Runners and Proxies, and there's Glass killing what I will refer to as Pseudo proxies. And with the Zero fanclub out and about there's no way I'm going to risk going out in the open. Then there's fighters, the psychopathic variations to the's just...not a good time. I need a disguise or something.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Super Sweet Fifteenth.

Can't think of anything better to do at this moment than Blog. Just felt like telling someone. I think I'll celebrate and give my current targets in the area  a little bit of rest.

Till we speak again.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Someone killed the traitor.

I don't. I don't even...what? What?

No. I wanted to do that. I did my best to de-sensitized myself went through the agony...because I wanted to fight the traitor. I don't mourn for the loss of Reach, I'm just disappointed with myself for not having the balls to come at him while he was in the states.

He was hero. A hero that I wanted to mutilate but still.

Screw it. You don't always get your way. I need to accept that and move on, I can still do something that I want to do. I can help my allies, Malacoda, Morningstar, anyone else(excluding runners) who's in a deep pile of shit. Just hold on. I'm coming.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Acid is okay. We screwed up on that one, but the PTC did not. This was one hell of a loss. Damned computer. Might head back to Boston now, unless a certain someone needs any assistance. Honestly just swallow your pride and ask if you do. But just in case you don't well best of luck, and don't get yourself killed or cured.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fashion Statement.

That place He's been interested in. Boston. I had decided to head there to gather up any runners on Redlight's orders. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you do now.

Getting back to the point. I was on a bus with several other Proxies heading to Boston along with me. For the most part it was a relaxing drive, nice scenery. We passed through Springfield on  our way out there. The inside of the bus was roomy. Everyone kept quiet and when we stopped we went our seperate ways. Now you see, I need some new clothes because the same old, camoflauge hoodie ain't working it anymore. It makes me instantly recognizable.

Now, for those who are a little slow you may be wondering to yourselves exactly what's wrong with that.

I'm a Proxy dammit. A god amongst men and trash to those even higher(beloved Master). Nightmare to runners everywhere. Getting back to why I'm complaining about my jacket. I was just walking down the street, minding my own business. When some asshole Runner has the nerve to slice my back with his dammned knife. I wouldn't have been so angry if he didn't know my name. Rest assure that he tried to kill me, and failed. To any friends of Gregory Black(unless he stole that wallet. Runner's are so morally corrupt these days that I wouldn't put it pass him) that may be paroozing around the Blogs, I'm sorry for your loss.

Except I'm not. He totally had that stab to his fucking face coming. Am I right? Of course I am.

Anyway. I'm here, again. I've been bandaged up, let me tell you Gregory could fight very well, but then again being larger then me gives me more ways to evade you, even in the dark.

I'm determined to not let the events of the "Boston War" repeat themselves. If anyone is taken to the ruins their friends won't be able to save them. What happened to us was an absolute disgrace. And now Dead Leaf is gone. I really didn't know him tyhat well but all I can say is Rest in Peace. Even if we are on opposing sides.

Or rather were.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'll look at you with crumbs all over my face and still say...

Yeah. I'm a liar.

I gave Tensor and Bianca the wrong voltage and amprage. Like hell I'd let them know what actually takes us from his control.  They'll just have to experiment themselves, but hey, I bet they already are. Pilling up the dead proxy bodies girls? Thought so.

In other news, Redlight has given us permission to go all out. No more cryptic bullshit, no more games. I love it. I love it. We can just go right up to a runner and SNAP. STAB. RIP.

It's going to be a real good time.  Sorry Little Knight, guess we'll have to postpone that play date.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Been A While.

Six days to be exact.

Sorry I've got nothing interesting to say. I would've posted yesterday, but out of respect for our fellow players who lost the game, I found it polite to bury all four of them. Jacob's body took a longer while to come across.

Well if you're angry with me for wasting your time, then be angry. I've got work to do.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Test Results Are In.

Sayonara; Hark, Belt, Drill, River(who I rather liked),  twins(Seed Root), A.C, Lantern, Blondie, and you too Atlas.

Naomi. Tensor. We have a winner. Or do we?

Without further ado, I give you: Church.

A few rounds of electric torture, before the therapy worked wonders on him, not much so for everyone else. Now I know exactly what I have to fix.

I'd let Church on the computer so he can tell you for himself, but he's a little...tied up.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Experimentatios Expy alla-ah screw it.

Alright, Naomi, if you're reading this, I've got twelve proxies lined up strapped to metal chairs, and I'm about to begin the electroshock therapy, I think we'll start with high voltage and work our way downward, or upwards. Hey I'm feeling helpful today.

Now for those of you who don't read ''The Rules'', Naomi's experiment is basically delivering electric shocks to people like us, at varying degrees, to disable(for lack of a better word) the substance, Master uses to control us.

I'm surprised he's letting me get away with this. Well. . .he probably won't if the experiment is actually successful.

Hark is going first, he's the proxy tied to the first metal chair closest to my door.

It just dawned upon me that if this does work, I probably won't be able to tell Tens- Naomi. I'll probably be killed.

Fuck it, I'm going through with it.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Well. Chasing runners with no powers sort of sucks. I'll never take proxies for granted again.

Kelly and Todd are going to investigate. . .what? I don't really care actually, bunch of weirdos.

I wonder how Morningstar is. I need someone NORMAL to talk to.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's New?

So I wasn't real eh? Or. .wait...I'm a little fuzzy on the Revenants didn't exist thing. I'm pretty sure I exist. Or is it like. . .were we under an illusion or something?

Master let me stay with Kelly, and some proxy named Acid is here, we're about go out into the woods or something I wasn't listening. My arms. . .are tingling. What the hell?

I'm going to go.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I've got Yggdrasil, who's real name is Kelly(hilarious), here with me. We're heading to Boston. Redlight and He that Is really did a number on him. Nothing worse than what Morningstar(and later me) did to Gabriel but hey, it was still pretty bad. He's safe. Warm. And the holes in his frame are disappearing.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Do Not.

Ruin the theme, Redlight. Next time you want to get on my Blog make sure you keep with the title order.
IN OTHER NEWS. Gabriel Blake - R.I.C.

Now nothing can get in the way of you and me, and all of the people with nothing to do, Mikey Mike Michael. We're going to party like it's NINETEEN NINETY NINE. And then subtract that by thirteen thirty three.

Hey look, Morningstar is okay. Can I get a holla?

Of course I can.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hi. My name is, what? My name is, who? 

Not the most popular of Blogs. But you work with what you've got.

To answer your question, Yggs, yes, Nil is just, just fine. He's chasing the Blake siblings around, as per usual. 

NOW. Let's talk. About. The book. 

Don't you know you're not supposed to read a girl's diary? 

I think three hours is enough time to return it. Don't you?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gingerbread SNAPS

And present's coming in stacks, and I'll be coming right back to see how they react.

I hope you get my present Michael. I hope you get it so much it makes my heart, BURN WITH ANXIETY.

Don't you care Mikey? DON'T YOU LOVE ME NO MORE!?




Friday, March 4, 2011


Michael and Gabriel(no not THEM) Blake, are on the run. You can run from me butyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothidebutyoucannothide

. Run run as fast as you can little gingerbread men.

Morningstar has wet my appetite, and I will have satisfaction.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Did you like those Lyrics? They were for Ed Edd 'n Eddy's incredibly shrinking day. Good song.

In other news, Teacher seems angry and vengeful towards Al(X)ne. Oh and my brand new Youtube account has been hacked. Yggdrasil just made me that yesterday, and it's already been hijacked.

What's got me curious though, is who would hack my account? Runners? Proxies? I don't really think they have the power to record me doing something I can't remember doing.

I'll just have to shrug it off.
Sun's up, I hit the floor Shoes tied, I'm out the door Is this a clean shirt? I think it was worn yesterday
Free day, I'm on the phone No plans, I got the cell on I call my boys up Spend a little time outside today
Never liked for you to hear where I gotta be Never liked being told who I gotta see I like no commitment growing up around me
I'm not coming in anymore Everything I want and need is right outside this door I'm not coming in anymore I've got too many friends on the outside That don't include you
Go ahead and think all you might All my friends and I ain't on the inside All kinds of facts and probabilities
You say I'm right for a reason I say we're meant for all seasons You scream with endless possibilities
Spend a lot of time trying to convince me My friends are two strikes against me Well I swing for the fences So that must make strike three That's fine by me
I'm not coming in anymore Everything I want and need is right outside this door I'm not coming in anymore I've got too many friends on the outside That don't include you Don't include you
Nothing ever seems right Like it does when I start Playing it in the right speed, kick it at the right spot I like things familiar And I don't belong here Don't belong here
I'm not coming in anymore Everything I want and need is right outside this door I'm not coming in anymore I've got too many friends on the outside The plan's on the outside That don't include you
Not coming in Not coming in Not getting back no more No more

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Well she didn't go Rogue in a literal sense but I mean, wow. What a surprise!

Dumb move though, MissesTwisteritsallovernow.

Haven't you heard that song? He's got all the right friends in all of the right the places.

It's guaranteed anybody not on His side is going down.

I recommend coming on back. There might even be a nice hot plate of cookies waiting for you.

  With Love, Nil.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rising Action

I arrived in Boston, yesterday.

Did I tell you I went to a party with Slice, Yggdrasil, and Liam?

Gosh that was fun, I don't think they new it was me, otherwise they wouldn't have been so angry.

Slice says he might post the details on his blog! Guess that means I can kick back and be lazy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marching Toward The End

My name is Will. I'm a struggling young artist.

In case you didn't know, I can only make doodles with one  hand.

Sometimes that makes me very sad because Nobody wants my ugly doodles.

Bianca doesn't want my ugly doodles 'neither. That's why she left to go off and marry Spender.

I want to slit my wrist so bad but I can't. REMEMBER!? One hand! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Final Chapter

WELCOME! Come one! Come all! To a page detailing the inner thoughts of one of His latest, yet far from greatest, soldiers!

I can tell I'm going to get along swimmingly with everyone who comes to visit this page!

Oh keeping this blog is going to be a wonderful time!

I'm so overjoyed. Aren't you? I thought you would be.