Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I thought New Kids Were Supposed to Kick Ass

I really don't have the energy to type with one hand right now. And there's no way I'm letting an incompetent like Galahad do it for me while I dictate. I'll tell you what, how about I make one of those big tasty post that explain were I've been for you after I'm feeling better, that sound like a plan? It does? Oh your just so cute I want to pinch your liwwtle cheeeeeeks! Aren't you just the most adorable Blog reader? Yes you are. Yes you are!

Edit: Hello. I'm Galahad. Sincerest apologies, Nil is feeling a bit bitter right now what with the Master tearing off his right arm. I feel guilty, Nil would still have his arm if he hadn't taken on my punishment. I supposre you're wondering where we've been and what happened? Well we went searching for Ludwig Smith in Massachusetts. Did we find him? Well no not exactly, but we did find someone who Nil did not previously think of as a serious threat. In fact, after going through his post not a single person thought of him as a serious threat. And they should not. This man is nothing but a cowardly trickster seeking attention, and I'm ashamed of myself for letting him escape my wrath. I would explain just a tad bit more but Nil is slightly furious right now, and I'm only adding insult to injury by continuing this post.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Ludwig Smith. He's a dangerous one. He's what you might call a "professional" Runner. He's managed to evade the Master for five years and counting. Surprisingly Mr. Smith has never openly attacked He That Is, he seems content to just run and hide. Every one of us that's ever been sent to him has never returned. Seems like he'd be intimidating right? Wrong, I'm not afraid of some balding old man who's managed to flee continuously like a coward. The repeated mental attacks given to him by the Master have apparently driven him quite man, yet he's content to keep running away? Honestly I just don't get it, Ludwig Smith was made several deals to become indoctrinated and turned them down multiple times, much to the obvious dismay of the Master. The thing that gets me is that the Master HAS killed him before. Yes all the aforementioned facts are the details of a dead man.

 But now it seems that he's popped back up over in Massachusetts. How? That's impossible. Eternal sleep means eternal after-all. His mark. He was branded with a mark before death, meaning he shouldn't be able to travel far.

I'm going to look into this with the new guy, Galahad. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Old School

So, I've received an email beckoning me back to Maine. Like hell. I'm not going home with Zero and Glass Man hanging around there. Some Runner must have it out for me. I wonder who it is? Honestly going home seems a little too dangerous right now, with so much hostility, there's Hesperus killing proxies. There's Zero Killing Runners and Proxies, and there's Glass killing what I will refer to as Pseudo proxies. And with the Zero fanclub out and about there's no way I'm going to risk going out in the open. Then there's fighters, the psychopathic variations to the Runners...it's just...not a good time. I need a disguise or something.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Super Sweet Fifteenth.

Can't think of anything better to do at this moment than Blog. Just felt like telling someone. I think I'll celebrate and give my current targets in the area  a little bit of rest.

Till we speak again.