Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Been A While.

Six days to be exact.

Sorry I've got nothing interesting to say. I would've posted yesterday, but out of respect for our fellow players who lost the game, I found it polite to bury all four of them. Jacob's body took a longer while to come across.

Well if you're angry with me for wasting your time, then be angry. I've got work to do.


  1. Silly Nilly, why ever would we be angry at you? Status reports are always lovely things to have. But do us a favor and at least throw in a taunt or two. Lets the enemy know we care.

  2. If you call me that again I'm going to start referring to you as Lucifer Hesperus. Because that comment was something only an asshole of his calliber could muster.

  3. Oh, did I offend you? My apologies. No sarcasm intended.

  4. Lost the game? THIS IS NO GAME.
    This is the beginning of a war.
    A twilight between the age of humanity and darkness. A twilight we can stave off.

  5. It was a game to me. Their hearts stopping signalled my victory.