Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Old School

So, I've received an email beckoning me back to Maine. Like hell. I'm not going home with Zero and Glass Man hanging around there. Some Runner must have it out for me. I wonder who it is? Honestly going home seems a little too dangerous right now, with so much hostility, there's Hesperus killing proxies. There's Zero Killing Runners and Proxies, and there's Glass killing what I will refer to as Pseudo proxies. And with the Zero fanclub out and about there's no way I'm going to risk going out in the open. Then there's fighters, the psychopathic variations to the's just...not a good time. I need a disguise or something.


  1. "Then there's fighters, the psychopathic variations to the Runners..."

    That made my night.

    Are you on the run, Nil? Trying to hide? You seem troubled.

  2. As long as nothing triggers Hesperus, it should be fine. No need to worry. Besides, after the last outburst, we have a Hallowed with a taser shadowing me. Just in case.
    As for disguises, there is always plastic surgery.
    Stay Safe Nil.

  3. I'll go with the old overcoat and fedora thanks Morningstar.


    I'm just frightened is all, Shady, but I don't know why.