Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Did you like those Lyrics? They were for Ed Edd 'n Eddy's incredibly shrinking day. Good song.

In other news, Teacher seems angry and vengeful towards Al(X)ne. Oh and my brand new Youtube account has been hacked. Yggdrasil just made me that yesterday, and it's already been hijacked.

What's got me curious though, is who would hack my account? Runners? Proxies? I don't really think they have the power to record me doing something I can't remember doing.

I'll just have to shrug it off.


  1. Heh. Maybe it was Redlight. Using you in some incomprehensible scheme of his.

  2. Okay Nil, I just read an email that linked me to that video, but it looks like it's already been opened. I can't really remember reading it, but uh. . .FuckoffCifer. . . don't shrug it off. Look into this.